Want to...

  • Be in control of your money? 
  • Have confidence that your business is actually growing (in the right direction)?
  • Not worry about one day being hit with a scary tax bill?

As business owners, we need accurate and timely information in order to make better financial decisions.

When we ask business owners what’s stopping them from being confident with their finances and using Xero regularly, here’s what they list as their biggest challenges:

  • PROBLEM 1:

    “I’ve never really been super confident with knowing whether I’m making any money or not”

  • PROBLEM 2:

    “I worry about paying my bills every week”

  • PROBLEM 3:

    “Not sure how much $$ my customers owe me”

  • PROBLEM 4:

    “I’m confused about how to manage Paypal multiple currencies and Stripe in Xero”

  • PROBLEM 5:

    “Other than just wracking my brains, how can I work out the cost of sale?”

  • PROBLEM 6:

    “Not sure if the reports in Xero are accurate and which ones to look at”

  • PROBLEM 7:

    “What’s the difference between cash and accrual accounting, and which is best for my business?”

The Solution: A Xero training course unlike any other

This is the Xero training program that we wished existed when we were starting out building our business. We built this material from scratch, customizing the content specifically for small business owners.

There’s 2 key differences between our course and free “how-to” videos online or a 1-day workshop/course:

1) We provide context around why, when, and how to make decisions when using Xero eg. when and why would you do accrual accounting? what bank rules to apply and when? etc. 

2) You’re learning from a practitioner who has built their own small business successfully. Someone who has also worked with and mentored hundreds of small businesses on small business finances.  

You’ll get access to an SOP library (templates, worksheets, and processes) that we’ve built based on 10+ years as practising accountants and the hundreds of Bean Ninjas clients we’ve worked with.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    1. Getting Started with Xero
  • 2
    2. Ensure You Get Paid
    • 2.1 Getting paid faster
    • 2.1 Worksheet: Getting Paid Faster
    • 2.2 Creating quotes and invoices
    • 2.3 How do I know what's owed to me
    • Worksheet: Run an Aged Receivables Report
    • 2.4 Reconciling transactions
    • 2.5 Allocating deposits from Payment Processers
    • Worksheet: Payment Services Review
    • 2.6 Debtors follow up process
    • Debtors Follow Up Template
  • 3
    3. Paying Your Bills & Expenses
    • 3.1 How to pay bills using accrual accounting
    • 3.2 How to pay bills using cash accounting
    • Worksheet: Cash or accrual accounting
    • 3.3 Cost of Sales
    • Worksheet: Cost of Sales
    • 3.4 Personal purchases paid from a business account
    • 3.5 Business expenses paid from a person account
    • 3.6 Paying yourself
    • 3.7 Reducing expenses
    • Worksheet: Reviewing costs
    • 3.8 Vendor coding template
    • Update your Vendor Coding Template
    • 3.9 SOP Standard Operating Procedure AP - vendor coding sheet
    • Complete Worksheet: Accounts Payable Process
  • 4
    4. Let's Do Your Books!
    • 4.1 Reviewing your bookkeeping routine
    • 4.1 Create Your Own Bookkeeping Timetable
    • 4.2 The Essentials of Bookkeeping
    • 4.2 Do Your Bookkeeping For the Current Month and Post Any Questions to the Group!
    • 4.3 Simple Automations to Save Time
    • 4.4 How To Do a Bank Reconciliation
  • 5
    5. Ongoing Improvement
    • 5.1 Review your Receipt Management Process
    • 5.1 Receipt Management Process
    • 5.2 Review your understanding of cash v accrual accounting
    • 5.2 Cash or accrual accounting

Who is this program for?

This training is designed for business owners who have beginner to intermediate bookkeeping knowledge and want to better understand and manage their small business finances. 

You must already have:

  • A Xero account, 
  • An existing business, and 
  • Be at a stage where building a financial system using Xero makes sense.

Already have your Xero system in place and looking for training on advanced reporting? Check out our Know Your Numbers mentorship.

What Past Graduates Say

Emma & Carla Pappas, The Merrymaker Sisters

Alleviated all anxiety and all stress around money for the business

Emma & Carla Pappas, The Merrymaker Sisters

"After doing financial literacy training we started cashflow forecasting and this changed the game for us…. I think the best thing that this [course] has done for us is that it's alleviated all anxiety and all stress around money for the business."
Stevie Dillon, Stevie Says Social

Now understands the financial health of her business

Stevie Dillon, Stevie Says Social

"I basically went from having no idea about how Xero worked or how to read a profit and loss statement, to feeling like I was comfortable with all of those things."
Krystle Divertie, KCS

Really logical and straight forward, easy to understand

Krystle Divertie, KCS

"I found the content really logical and straight forward, easy to understand every week. Every week there was just that little gem that I could add to my accounting processes."
Marcus D, Resolve Mining Solutions

Gained insights into his own business

Marcus D, Resolve Mining Solutions

"The biggest benefit was the insight that it gave me to my own business. My ability to go back and critically look at my numbers and get a better handle on those, and how to improve them."
Christine R, Scale My Empire

VA able to take over financial tasks for CEO

Christine R, Scale My Empire

"Scott (our CEO) enrolled me in the course because he wanted to bring [bookkeeping] into my role. I was able to apply my learnings to the business, including creating a cash flow forecast, and then take over financial tasks on Scott's behalf."
Hayden Brass, Zea Relief

Got a better understanding of financial position

Hayden Brass, Zea Relief

"I gained a better understanding of where our business is positioned financially."

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  • Is this course good for US-based businesses too?

    Yes, the course is related to using Xero and the concepts apply across all countries. These are the foundations of any business. It does not cover specific tax settings (which might be different in AUS vs USA). One of our Partners (Wayne Richard) is US-based and we have a large number of US clients.

  • Do I need to be a "numbers" person?

    No. This training is designed for business owners who have beginner to intermediate bookkeeping knowledge and want to better understand and manage their small business finances. You must already have a Xero account, an existing business, and are at the stage where building a financial system using Xero makes sense.

  • How long will the course take to complete?

    We recommend that you allocate 1 week per module, but it really comes down to how quickly you want to finish the course. And how much time you can realistically schedule for working through the content and implementing what you learn in Xero.

  • Do you offer done-for-you bookkeeping services?

    Yes, check out https://beanninjas.com/ for a list of services and to get in touch.

At Bean Ninjas Freedom Academy we stand by our products and our customers. That’s why Financial Foundations is backed by a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. 

If you’re not satisfied with the training in any way in the first 30 days, we’ll offer you a 100% refund on your purchase. It’s as easy as that.